Long Gone

Possibly the urge to travel is the biggest irritation that I’m having right now, makes you wonder who some people have the guts to drop everything and just went around the world, with money less than the average working joes. Kudos. Well I can’t really complain do I, still have a roof under my head, […]

Broke in Bangkok

Skateboarding in Bangkok. One of the oldest city in South East Asia, dates back to the earliest 15th Century. A city full of characters and charisma, Bangkok also serves as a traveller hub, with frequent flights coming in and out making it one of the busiest and a multi cultured city in South East Asia, a […]


I’ve been jumping ship countless of times these 2 years and man I’ve tell ya photography aint cheap. And I’m not 100% making money out of photography yet, and this seems pretty dumb act on my part. To start off my last tool that I was using 4 years ago, where I did some weekly […]