Lurking in the streets

Long rant about skateboarding And subtle glimpse of SIHIR, thats how I’ve always looked at skateboarding. The fun of bailing and ruining your shin and elbows , we skateboarders sure have a way of getting some fun into our system. Some people would like to think skateboarding as a sport these days, even though it’s good […]

Weekend Gore

Woke up with sweat on my chest, dah tengahari. Matahari pun dah terpacak straight. Aku dengan bini terus chow ke cheras dahulu, nk mengkedarah nasi kenduri. Fourgive Footwear  is a local independent skate shoe company, made for skateboarder on a limited quantity basis, usually sold out in just weeks, or maybe days after the release. So […]

White Saturday

skateboarding malaysia, skateboarding asia

A chat revolving around the idea of hitting the streets this weekend, has quickly spiralled something else a few days later, skateboarder have never been really political driven kinda of group, and most of us have always been given a stereotype stamp on the forehead of not giving a fvck about anything else beside skateboarding. […]