DC x Showroom shoe collaboration

Insanity, that was I thought about this whole event when showroom hit me up about doing a photo and video for them, I was pretty hype up and just straight say yes. Without ever thinking about the technical mess I was going to be in, whole new respect for people doing videos out there.  We started up really really early in the morning, 4 am. Both of them, Wes & Evan arrived at 5 am and we all pretty soggy that morning, boxer sudah lemau, we stop for a ciggy sesh before we hit up the van and to try and have some shut eye. Crazy on how Wes kept his cool though, in spite of being damn tired and after an 8 hour flight, SOTY babeh, Evan puke in the van, King of the road strongest competitor puke behind me that night, this van ride seems unreal. So the working crew didn’t have their hotel yet that morning, me and the other filmer ask the guys whether we could crash at their spot for a while, and they say yes. F yeah, crashing in with wes and evan. Seems legit, the day would awesome. 5 hours later, I woke up with the biggest back sore. Sudah tak boleh tidor atas lantai, urat tangkap.

So I’m just going to keep this short, word-wise.  Scroll for what seems to be a visual behind the scene of the event, the whole 48hours of it. Chilling Chilling with Wes Kremer and & Evan Smith.

Brandon’s” I don’t give a shit” setup

Pro-life doesn’t seem to be bad, once you’ve settled those 500 posters, apart from being really good at what their doing right now, I think the stuff that we don’t really see is, they’re like us too man, seeing them putting their best faces in spite of really really being tired, and they flew back to Australia after the event to finish their video part, and hell yeah that’s commitment dude.

I’m just ranting shit to fill in the blanks.

Watch the video here :


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