Lurking in the streets

Long rant about skateboarding

And subtle glimpse of SIHIR, thats how I’ve always looked at skateboarding. The fun of bailing and ruining your shin and elbows , we skateboarders sure have a way of getting some fun into our system. Some people would like to think skateboarding as a sport these days, even though it’s good to get some recognition from the masses, I always felt skateboarding will always be an underdog thing, do it by yourself kinda of thing, but the good thing about recognition, we get shitloads of skateparks these days. With all the media hyping up on skateboarding, we’re heading into a clean, sterilise genre state where everyone will surely have a coach and a mission to get those goal medal hanging on their necks.

And if you’re talking about photography, nothing has more ZERO value in this world than skateboarding photography. You can’t sell this shit here, I mean for the few that made it, we’re proud as fvck that one of us delinquents have gotten through the barb wire, but even for the few that make it, they’re hustling hard in this, getting other odd jobs or having a 9-5 . But for the lostboys, we’ve gotta always do what we do for the sake of SB. We never set out to be anything in particular, just to live creatively and pushing these old wooden board to our limits or be it the shutter button, even with no corporate contract to sugarcoat the success of capturing these intense moments. Just a few second of glory in instagram with your homies would suffice.

Bottom line is, sometimes skateboarding are just too niche for some people to understand, especially skateboarding photography/videography. We run on our own set of rules when it comes to this , I shit you not these stuffs only appeal to us skateboarders. But if you’re stuck with this, then you’ll have a great time learning shitloads of stuffs. From composition, flash duration and much more technical term that surely make you sit and think for a while. I mean shits sometimes gets so technical you’ll better off by just staying at home playing PUBG.

If you manage to overcome all of that, you’ll found out that breaking the normality rules of your life would be a constant act. Heck I used to sneak out from the house to get some crappy gap rumah kedai session with my homies back then. Fast forward 20 years later, I still doing the same thing behind my wife back. Making excuses up just to leave my newborn with her just to get a glimpse of hope of role playing as a skate photographer.  And I tell you, felt like I’m 16 again, shit never been better. Finding those new spots with your homies and trying to get anything down with it just felt refreshing from the normality that I’m enduring on a 9-5 basis. Not to say that I hate my job, but remember those days when you can’t afford a Thrasher mag and just kept turning the pages of that loan magazine from a friend and you kept imagining that you’re part of the industry and holly shit that felt so good.

And if you’re still looking for approval for your art, worry not. These past decade has been really good for the likes of us, do your own thing, published stuffs your self, get together and just celebrate what you love doing. I wish I would never stop doing this, the error’s, the times when shit get out of hands, the wins and the lost. Just don’t ever give up, even if it’s just a one a month thing. You gotta get shit going, and maybe down the road this skateboarding gig you’re doing could hook you up to something else. Who knows, life is freaking weird and you can’t predict shit.

This post is like a self made reminder to myself, sometimes when I look through the gram I saw some weird ass post of somebody giving up. Felt like I have an obligation to intervene and maybe do a pep talk on how shit should go down. But hey, not the best person to get life advice from though. If anyone that had that thought in the past, If you can’t get published that ain’t something to be ashamed off, nobody get published easily, just stuck with this, and I shit you not. You’ll understand why you’re here because of skateboarding, shit maybe wouldn’t have any connection with skateboarding anymore, but the road you’ll rocking sure will have something to do with it.


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