Welcome to Bulldos Holyland

I’ve been wanting to come to this place since I’ve heard about it a few months back, some Podeh crew trying to get some shit together at this homies collaboration live stock farm. Like a legit full time livestock farmer trying to get some sort of D.I.Y built. And the best part about it, nobody have a single effing clue about it. The only thing that’s driving them are just pure passion and inspiration, thus the name Bulldos (Nogori Sembilan for redah jo) and Grindline – Hellride in the Hollyland epic song.

Did I mention about these dudes are still in the midst of establishing their live stock farm while trying to built something out of their spare time, and I shit you not. Farming is some intense stuff, I remember back than my dad used to bring me to my family bendang and I fucking hate every minute of it. And plus none of them have ever built anything D.I.Y skate related spots.

And If you’re talking about living life as a minimalist, try living in this place with no running water and the only source of electricity are just a few panels of solar and two car batteries. And they’ve been doing it for a year now. Straight up from those crappy zombie movies, no fast net, no tv and definitely no A/C.


A 10 minute truck ride opens up to a clearing, hot and dusty hill top with shitloads of debris and some questionable shack for the homies to lay their head after. If you’re familiar with D.I.Y skate stuffs, you’ll definitely could just tell from a glance that this aint some proper concrete lays. But hey, everyone’s got their first step. It’s just a matter of time before you could get good at this, and judging by the difficulty of the terrain, and not to mention that every fucking cement and dirt at some point will cost you some serious cash, we were happy that we manage to get our lazy asses here.

Fairuzal Segi Tiga – Nose Pick
Ab crunching fast plant

Fairuzal Segi Tiga – Backtail

Sun blazing , Cradle of filth buzzing from an old crappy speaker while soaking up some serious heat with some teh-o-ais ikat tepi courtesy of the locals. We’ve talked about how this place have so much potential to be like one of those D.I.Y’s that we’ve been dreaming about.

One of the lokal getting some

So maybe in the future, we’ll try and organise something like a built session, bring some cash in and get those cement packing up these dusty hill. And like the half assed job that I always do, I’ll cut the crap here. Hopefully this thing could be something we could be proud of.

By the time I’ve upload these thing, the crew has added some more section, Anyone for a tong-tong D.I.Y mission ? hit me up on insta, maybe we can put something together.

7 Replies to “Welcome to Bulldos Holyland”

  1. power baz the men

    1. Baz kuda hitam

  2. nice one! aku ada sofa kusyen 3 seater xpakai kt umah, nak sedekah. Boleh guna utk berehat lps skate. Kalau depa ada pickup mai ambik kt umah aku, Shah Alam.

    1. Haha nanti aku info diaorang. Tapi priority simen and equipment ja

  3. Wowwww baek ni

    1. Moh ler derma sekampit simen

  4. Pure passion!

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