Hari Mau Hujan

I just finished watching some documentary about Kenya’n skate scene, and damn son, dudes down there have it pretty harsh. Forget about your worn off Vans and your torn dickies, dudes down there still have to saw off their chipped tails and switch up the nose side. Kira tail ngn nose dah tadak dah, tapi depa still dok bantai lagi. I guess if you just got the stoked, nothing can stop you man. After the whole thing ended, I felt a little disgusted about myself.

Spoilt with marble ledges around here, the initial plan was to spend a few hours in Putrajaya area, The plan was to get some testo shots with the fisheye since I got a new adapter. I fucking hate the old adapter, there’s a knob where you can adjust your aperture without actually adjusting the ring on your lens. That piece of shit has been fucking up my settings since 6 months ago. Kasihan, Nothing comes easy I reckon.

Shit seems bleak as fvck. I was hoping the wind would blew that rain cloud somewhere like to a designated reservoir or something. Please don’t screw up my weekend, tengah bujang nih. To add up to my disappointment, somehow on that day there’s a event that surely gonna tutup Putrajaya. Spots gonna be crawling with runners, Bazly told me something to do with a marathon or something that involves running. You know you’re spoilt when you have a spot just in front of your office, fucker I’ve been passing along this spot for the past year.

When your flash duration fucks you up.

There’s seems always going to be something that I’m doing wrong, it’s either I push the flash too low or too high, or once I’ve got everything right, the weather just seems just want to work agains you, in this few sessh that I’ve been too, I felt like i just want to throw up. Fucking constantly changing the flash output or angles. Or sometime I just left everything and just wing it. Kickout doesn’t exist here, everyone seems just to roll on doing their own business, occasionally stoping by to see what’s happening.

By the time the rain hits, I was pretty confused with my fisheye, I might have better luck with those tele’s I guess, the main culprit in my mind was the flash, I kept telling myself that, deep down I know, I might have messed up something.

Irham now ride for Riding High. Fcking kid are all grown up (almost).

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