Midday Bails

Wished I could have slept until next week, 8.30am on the toilet bowl puffing away the last remainder of tobacco that I have. Sudah lama ndak pegi street, by street skating means I’ll just be rolling around trying to get some photos. Driving through LDP never have ever been this easy, effing road were almost empty, first day of CNY folks.

Into the realm of the KJ homies, Amar buzzing with a morning coffee, Awyn just trying to get some of the other guys together, pressing his phone trying to get an answer from Pian, tido mati.Jilake. Bad communication, I thought we’re going to KL, but it seems Taman Paramount sure macam jadi. I dont know man, riding trains with this dumb heavy backpack and a board doesn’t sound sedap to my ears. Naik keta la bok, bleh hisap rokok.

As skateboarding in Malaysia is concerned,  SS2 never has been the go to spot, ala area belakang restoren Murni. On a normal day, this place would be pack, the parking’s is shit, never ending rows of shop lots selling from plastic buckets to LED’s to Cameras, peoples, jalan raya dah macam kena grinder. But today was CNY, and we’re amazed on how empty it looked. Like a bad photoshop joke and if there’s people, nobody gives a shit about us. Apart from the few Banglas passing by, you’ll be left alone.

There’s always some shit that messed up my plan whenever I go for this kinda of street shooting, Have to zig zag across the road changing my flash setup, since the cloud wouldn’t just stall still . . A constant battle of either hyper-sync or just stick to 250th (photography term : get HSS la bro) . By this time, I’ve given up on life and was contemplating of selling out all of this stupid gear and setup a gaming pc for myself.

Sempat la

Get a few of stuffs done, got some visuals for Riding High . Some spots are just too easy to get a good photo on, while some are just going to be a bitch. This one would be suggested to be visited again during nigh-time. Starvation sets, and with our multi ethnic background, a northern accent guy communicating with his sabahan homies, shit bound to get messed up. Amar says we should go to a bank in Damansara Uptown, in my head I was thinking like something of more like a street crack pavement kinda bank/kicker, something like in Wangsa Maju (sapa mau skate sana hit me up) so we proceed with high hopes. Glad we didn’t took the train though, the suns shining like his on a rage.

Mamu Guard came out as usual, He was like smiling  for the first 10 seconds, when Amar rabat naik curb, his face is like, dey madefaker ! haha. Managed to get a solid 20 minutes there, while Donald trying to appease him, making sure its not such a big deal. “Lu call la lu punya bos, today CNY nanti dia marah” thats the achilles heel for our Mamu Guard that day. Awyn sempat beli aiskrim, and fucking spots is so hard to lit.

Mana itu bank.

What I found out, ini bukan bank la jilake, ini dah kira kategori bangunan. Are those glass ? There’s no way aku nk setting pacak flash atas tue. Seluar dok terlondeh jadi dari pagi tadi, wrong spender. Lari lompat kickflip, and we’re out, cargas. Roll manja in the streets with all the retarded drivers speeding into the mall’s parking lot.

Maybe lah, next year CNY we should planned for a KL street sesh, kalau orang tak ramai, that would be conform fucking nyaman.


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