Riding High Skateboards X Yak Yak

One of our beloved local brand, Riding High has come up with a limited edition collaboration with skateboarding painter Yak Yak (bunyiburung) . If you have your arts pants on you’ll know what these dog series sculpture have taken the art storm behind its back lately. Fucking making way for a new interpretation of skate arts, normal people would struck with awe while we skateboarders nod with agreement and thinking, damn ini mau kerat ini deck mesti susah, kayu keraih! There’s n0 tech bullshit in this brand, just pure old stained maple with some awesome art on it. And a artwork that you know came from somebody thats been doing the same shit as you, skateboarding. Not just some random vectors downloaded from the net.

Hell no I’m not such a art guy, but Yak Yak style seems just to soothes me, something about the rough lines and weird un explainable childlike ideas turned into something presentable with mastery of techniques. Hell yeah I loike. And I might going to offend some people with the last text with my feeble writings trying to describe something that I’m totally out of the scene of.

Here’s are some of Yak Yak’s work :

skateboarding art
All rights reserverd @bunyiburung
Riding Kandaq X Riding High X Yak Yak

So here’s the thing, you can buy all the shit that you wanted online these days, but to have something that’s produced by somebody thats all heart into the art and scene just as much as you, is something special I would rather say.

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