Weekend Gore

Woke up with sweat on my chest, dah tengahari. Matahari pun dah terpacak straight. Aku dengan bini terus chow ke cheras dahulu, nk mengkedarah nasi kenduri. Fourgive Footwear  is a local independent skate shoe company, made for skateboarder on a limited quantity basis, usually sold out in just weeks, or maybe days after the release. So the actual “event” are just for friends to gather around and celebrate, a simple sessh with your homies and some prize to go with it. Nothing beats a comp haram kinda vibe. Shit kick off with a flat gap sessh. I’m still stumbling trying to get my settings right as usual, fucking trigger keep messing up the channels.

The elusive sex change

By the time I managed to get my shit together, the flat gap session ended, backside kickflip by bonks seems to kill it that day. Second sessh would be on the krusty bank on the other side of the parking lot, the vibe felt mellow, I blame the rain but it just felt like a normal session with your friends. Minum semua ada, 4 kali aku ulang minum sirap, pundi kencing dah rasa cekang. And the weather doesnt help, dua tiga hari nih hangpa tak perasan sejuk gila Malaysia, aku ada tengok satu article where this padi farmer rilek ja turun bendang pakai hoodie.

Climbing that krusty small bank, dengan kasut berlubang memang jilake rasa, was trying to setup my flash over there. Everything is out of order, shutter lari focus lari, flash kejap meletup kejap sunyi. I was trying to find a spot behind all of the people. Trying to squeeze in and talk shit with people around me, when suddenly a loud “kedekuk” sound come out of nowhere, you can actually felt the fucking bang on your bones, pusing pusing terus nampak Wan Melawis smack down on the floor, melantun kepala dia atas simen. Fucking hell, from my katarak eyes I can see some white thinggy on his forehead, bau darah likat, visually making my lutut ketaq, loose. Everything comes to sudden still, malaikat lalu. Semua senyap, aku pun cuak, macam tengok crime scene. Ambulance ambulance, Mariss ja paling berani pi melayan, aku dah berundur kebalakang. Takut den plak pengsan tengok darah.

Sessh comes to a stop, while every one trying to figure out what to do, tengkorak pecah ka ? bleh angkat ka nih. Tapi takpa, Wan hero, after 10/15 minutes he’s up again walking and trying to regain his composure. Homies send him to the spital, we took like a forever break, the whole lot decided to shut that sessh down, and we started scarcely spread out, some just went skating the empty parking lot, and just hang out. Just to clear the air and vibe. Kimak mellow scary huh.

Collagen Mess

Tiba-tiba out of the blue pavement, ada plak satu lagi sessh on that small parking block. Slappy madness was in order to kill the time, some try to slap it, some just fucking ollie over it. Ini kategori skateboarding yang aku takkan faham. Well, at this point I’m getting slower in my actions, banyak lagi melepak dengan bersembang. And we did some another couple of stuffs to pleased the homies, like titac race and some kickflip sessh before ending everything.

Overall a weird fun gore sessh to start my saturday. Time drive ke pcp badan dah bau kaw kaw. Fuck I think i can still smell the blood.

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  1. Rad read!!

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  3. Rad read..honesty

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