Non Permanes

Back in the 90’s growing up on the suburbs of a small town, my options back then when it comes to skate shoes was quite limited, like really fcvking limited. Shoes back then in my dad vocabulary was only the ones you wore during raya and the other one are just those white pallaz school shoes. Twenty odd years later you’ll find anything from Vans to Vanse now in the market, online, offline, pre-order, crossover, tribute, board feel, this sole that insole. And it’s crazy how the big 3 brands are willing to go neck deep into this unregulated, un sanitise skateboarding realm. Heck even FILA did it with some cross/colab with DGK, long gone the era where we only rock skateboarding branded shoes, you can even find a good deal on a warehouse sale if you’re lucky. So what really makes a skate shoes ? does it effect your skating ? or it all just comes down to on how you feel in your shoes.

To be honest, I don’t really know anything about skate shoes, or any shoes in particular. As long as their light on the wallet (cheap mofo) and it better feel damn good. A good shoe goes a long way, in my case thats pretty correct. Even if you’re just an weekend skatepark goone a-hole like me, I rock this piece everywhere, from my daily expai commute to the office, dating, weekly shinegans, heck I’ll wore it at my wedding if not the left side haven’t been too torn up (no switch haha)  the best part about skate shoes is, and I can vouch for that is, on the timeline of from being New-FctUp, you’ll find the middle ground is the best time you’ll gonna have on your sweating foot. And every skateboarder, I shit you not, will at least have a another pair or two, just waiting for their rotation to be used, tossed around, tweaked, microwaved and everything a normal person wouldn’t do.

But as long as skate shoes has been in the lifestyle of people, skateboarders in general has always have their own preference when it comes to that. A skate shoes sometimes just define you, like any other subcultures, skateboarding has a deep intriguing sub-class of subcultures in side of it, like a fcking spider web. Masuk akai ka ?  

And for nostalgic purposes maybe you guys should have a look on Tim Brauch 411vm profiles.

Shit are not permanent anyways, just like skateboarding. Not to meant it will fade away or something, but skateboarding itself to me at least, is a non permanent action, you go, you went, sometimes you have it sometimes you don’t, it’s just a permanent get your feet back on the ground kinda of game. It’s 1 am, and I’m still trying to figure out wtf is going on with this Mantera Anjasmara series on TV3.

Kesian tapak dah masuk air time pijak lantai baru mop, haha. This shit can rock lagi nih lagi 2 bulan maxed out kaw kaw. Time to get those kasut menjalang to the park i guess. Hangpa pakai kasuit apa ?

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  1. Wasted 5 min of my time reading this, but nice photos 😉

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