Free Lightroom Fade preset

Got nothing better to do than screwing the sliders in lightroom, well i’ve been a fan of the fade look for a while, but never have the tune or creative flow towards that kind of look, really love the HB1 looks, seems this fade and crush contrast look are everywhere in the net these days, from videos to photos and shitty gifs. Here’s my horrible take trying to emulate the presets, shouldhave shoot in raw though. But i’m using Fuji C/Chrome as my based for these two edits.

Before and After

Considering the amount of blue shades involved in those looks, it’s better for you to run raw in the first place and just change the WB directly rather than sliding hell crazy in Lightroom with all the shadows and saturations. Main editing involves a few S curves and contrast adjustment and grains.

Who would thought crush black would be so in trend these days, here are the download links for the presets, and it’s freaking free. Have a try and let me know about your thoughts. Thanks!

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