Fuji X skate photography

Currently running on all Fujix stuffs (mixed and match) for my skateboarding photography, Haven’t given a thought at all about my old gear, the battery sucks, and I’m broke as fuck. As long as my kit gear stays below 7kg this time, I would be really happy. Managed to get some action going in these few months, nothing special, really missed the vibe and colours on a skate trip. This time around, if there’s gonna be a another skate trip I would surely and gladly put everything on the line with this fuji setup, maybe add in an another old x100 for a second body, and a tele I would be all good, I’ll be fucking contempt.

Kieron – Tre Flip – 18-55 + Fuji Xt-1

First serious encounter were at Cons skatepark opening, it was shining hot and bright. I was standing like a fucking fool with the old sakar tele, and I’ve given up on that manual focus piece of crap, switched back to the old good kit lens and hit a few shots.Shit would be better with a compressed look from the tele, but you get what you pay for. If anyone has a suggestion for a cheap fuji tele, that would be god answering my prayers. Managed to get some shots with a fisheye with a nikon-fx adapter, the best part is I managed to pull off some “where’s my shit” that morning before I got there, and I’m left with a fucking dead nikon flash that can’t seem to work with my triggers this time. Fuck it.


Lert – Switch Hardflip 8mm samyang + Fuji Xt-1

Shooting through midday without any flash to fill in the shadows just makes things harder sometimes, and I was running JPG that day, you can see it in the top fisheye photo where i just slide the sliders away in LR, looks pretty bad if you zoom in 100%, can’t even remember that iso setting that day, and most probably it’s on auto iso.

Usher- Back D 18-55 + Fuji Xt-1

By the time the event kick off, I’ve managed to drain 2 sets of battery and holding my third one just in case, and with a great fucking luck, in all of the chaos and heat, there’s actually a guy that just bought a new set of flash and wiling to let my have go at it. By the time all of the shit was over, we were laughing our asses of and having such a great time, flash just went bang bang bang. Damn should get those rechargeable ones.


Arina -Invert 8mm samyang + Fuji Xt-1
Arina – Acid 8mm samyang + Fuji Xt-1

Planning a few more shoot out this Ramadhan, and I’ll be needing to borrow some flashes for that shoot, lets hope everything goes to plan. Man, there’s tonnes of work to be done, shitloads of shit to be read about and talking about passing time, every single fucking day marks a new episode in this god forsaken land. fvck photography.

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