That Fishy look : Samyang with Xt1

Damn, finally gotten back the a Fisheye back into my kit, I don’t think i’ve ever went by without a fisheye lens, kalau paling cikai pun dok salam dry box. The last few best fisheye i’ve ever used we’re the Tokina 10-16 ish zoom fisheye, damn i miss those days, one lens and lightroom correction is all you’ve ever needed.

Well got this baby pretty cheap via carousel, RM400 used. I’ve been searching the fuji mount, and with the amount of budget I have to work on, make this choice the best. Snap in one of the nikon adapters i’ve got. Well basically if you’re pretty used to fisheye/wide angle lens, you’ll notice that its demn hell easy to focus in one of these babies, doest matter what kind of brands you’re running along with. F8 and just be there.

What can I say, well these are the best RM400 i’ve spend in many years, the images are sharp enough for my use, distortion is somewhat subtle depending how you play it. Not a big fan of flares, can’t comment on that on how it looks, over all like I’ve said before. For the price hell yeah! And yeah the F ring are flimsy, kinda miss a few stops by missed clicking it.

A little bit front heavy on the XT1 with the adapter and such, apart from that, I’m not complaining.

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