Long Gone

Possibly the urge to travel is the biggest irritation that I’m having right now, makes you wonder who some people have the guts to drop everything and just went around the world, with money less than the average working joes. Kudos.

Well I can’t really complain do I, still have a roof under my head, and somebody to go back home to. But I really wish we could get a break and just pack our bags and just went up north never to think about the rat race and just explore. For this part of the post, we went for a wedding trip and just shoot up to get back to my hometown for CNY.

For the first part after the wedding lunch, we got fuct up by WAZE, tq waze for bringing us deep into the Palm tree plantation. As you know, these few months is our wet season for the East coast, a lot of places got flooded out. So the roads just went red and muddy (for the most part of it), after all the mumbo jumbo WAZE lost, we finally got our through Gua Musang, using the old back roads up Cameron highlands to Ipoh.

What do you see, shitloads of muds, landslides, rocks and a mundane vibe all over, the weather isnt helping also. Like all travel sessh, sometimes you’re gonna find some fun shit to do. In our case, stopping for some photos and trying out some small hills to bomb. Madam Nani still got her foot sore, ending in me having all the fun on that small hill. A new road that leads to nowhere, it’s just weird to be all alone on this road.

sometimes you’ll find something you want to skate, just stop and roll. Found these new laid out tarmac in the middle of nowhere
Stablizer with the 18-55 kit lens

As for new toy in my hand, the Fujifilm Xt10. It performed like they would say, with the new battery np-w126s seems to be good, I could go 2 days without charging it, while running stabilizer on the lens and suchs.

On the second day, I remember that i’ve made a promise to the “Mam”, something cliche about going to bring you to the most beautiful sunsets around the world. We made our way to the nearest seaside that I knew around my hometown, I used to go there alot fishing with my dad and on some photography outing when I was into HDR.

Tidak mengahampakan, even though the skies are full of clouds, but those are good clouds if i would call, pretty intense. Just not as vibrant as I’ve remember, well that was 10 years ago, on different weather and time.

Shot mainly with the stablizer on with the 18-55 2.8/4, around F8 and above. What I got to say though, carrying the XT10 feels nothing in your hands, I kept remembering the days when I always lunge around a bacpack with gears. Shoulder savior!

Well what could I say, both of us always dreamed of travelling the world. As life demand it, we’re still struggling and hustling to get through life. Exploring your own backyard going to be our priority this year, maybe the world next year. Who knows ?


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