Fujifilm Xt10 Skateboarding

Can you take skate photos using Fujifilm XT10, hell yeah if you’re not shooting with flash you can.

As I’m writing this, I just found out that the XT10 has the same problem as the XT-1 pre-firmware update 4.21, You can’t run CL/CH while strobing. And in skateboarding photography, that shit is a big bummer. As I bought the XT10, I thought Fuji has resolved that issue on all of their camera. My thought is, maybe they only enabled that function on their benchmark cameras, XT1, XPro-2, and XT2 .

After hours of searching the net, I’m regret to inform myself that there is no solution of hacks for this. And I’m left with a single shot function for all of my skate shoot with flash. With skate photography, sometimes you just want that 2/3 frame on a burst just to get those skate shots that you’ve wanted, and some tricks you can get away with Single shot, but some you just have to wing it.

And for fucks sake, I’ve been loosing money a lot in this past few months, mainly from my mishaps and shitty decisions from my side. Fuck should have just get a second hand XT1. Hey apart from that, I have no problem at all converting back to Fujifilm.

Apart from no CL/CH on flash, I also have this slight blur because of the shutter limitation, never thought a mere 20 minus the normal 200 sync would make such a huge difference
XT10 + Zenitar 16mm Fisheye + Adapter


Xt10 + Sakar 50-200mm + Adapter

Note to self, here are few of the Pro’s and Cons of the XT10 :

Pros :

  • Small
  • Light
  • High FPS
  • Focus Peaking for those manual times
  • Colour Chrome
  • Good Colour Rendition on JPGs

Cons :

  • Flash Sync only get you up to 180th
  • No CL or CH function if you’re going to use flash on or offshoe
  • RAW files needed the latest 6.0 or CC lightroom to run (I’m running 5.7 shaite!)
  • Battery Life

If I’ve would weight the pro’s and cons, the XT10 is still a good camera for me, considering I’m not taking any jobs or making money out of skate photography, maybe Fujifilm just want to avoid the below pro consumer getting back at them if their flashes blew up while shooting on CH. God damn it, why nobody ever mention this on the net before. Well worst come to worst it seems I just needed to go single shot on this, and rely on my guts in order to get the shots. I hope Fujifilm will rectify this, because my bank account aint gonna spit out any money for an another body. Fuck My Life!

XT10 + 34mm 1.4r

p/s : by all means if you’re going for the XT10 for the purposes of Travel and Potrait, and then this is the best value in the market for an Fujifilm body, but like i said before. Flash and high speed. Aint gonna happen.

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