Welcome Back : Fujifilm XF 35mm 1.4

Fujifilm XF 35mm 1.4

Fujinon XF35mmF1.4  whats new to tell. You might probably going to find shitloads of technical review on the net about this gem, but a’ah not here buddy. Well by the time I’m writing this, I’ve found a new pristine 9/10 35mm lens on the net, make the order and waited for a whole week, that was before I started messaging them on facebook. Then the story came out, apparently one of their workers have dropped the lens and they’re trying to fix it. I wont point out fingers, but maybe a courtesy email would calm my nerves.

WTF, canceled the order and got my refund. At this point, I have  second thought on Fujinon XF35mmF1.4   or the newer faster f2.0 ? Surf the net a few days, reading through FujivsFuji review on it. This might seem dumb, but I still loves how the old 1.4 sits perfectly when you attached it to the X series. Aesthetically it look just right. Haha, I’ve owned the Fujinon XF35mmF1.4   before. And apart the sluggish autofocus on poorly lit conditions, it’s an awesome lens. Love the outcome of it, I haven’t have the chance to test the 35 f2 yet, and according the reviews, it seems that option are much more logical, cheap new.

Finding secondhand lenses really depends on your luck, especially with Fujifilm gear.  You can get by gazzilioan sets of Nikons or Canons on Malaysia sites, but there’s a scarce supply of Fujifilms (the ones that you want) . But luck has it, found myself an another 1.4, near pristine condition, 8/10 with minor wear on the paint. And it’s the same price as the new 35mm f2., and it’s faster, weather resistant (wont be any use with an xt10) and I’ll get a new set.

Straight out of camera jpg, at iso 3200, and why the heck am i using 250sec shutter on this ? And why the fuck am I shooting at iso 3200 ?

But the heart always has it ways, it’s either I don’t have them side by side for me to test, or I’m just plain simply dumb, believing the aesthetics value would effect my shooting style, but memory has it, I’ve scored a few wedding gigs last year, and all of the shots that I love always come out from Fujinon XF35mmF1.4  the memory itself made me close my eyes and pass the money to the camera shop uncle. Asking me to come again next time. sial barang makin malah la uncle.ftw!

Hey, If you can live with the slow focusing in poor lit spots, I dont think this would help you a lot, I just refocus as soon as the lens is searching. But  if you can live with it, I’m sure you’ll have something to smile upon when you’re staring at your camera screen at night. But then again, I never tested the F2 yet, maybe next time.


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