Broke in Bangkok

Skateboarding in Bangkok.

One of the oldest city in South East Asia, dates back to the earliest 15th Century.

A city full of characters and charisma, Bangkok also serves as a traveller hub, with frequent flights coming in and out making it one of the busiest and a multi cultured city in South East Asia, a melting hot pot of  Thai’s, Chinese,Pakistani, foreigners, expats and loads more. Rolling through the streets of Bangkok feels good, the road seems to have a gloss finish on it. Mainly because of the grimes and dust that has been covered who knows how long. (white tshirt aint gonna stay white)

Skate trips has always been a privilege , mainly because because it’s either you’re broke as fvk or you’re getting too fcking caught up in life, well either way $$$ has always been a problem. With our currency kept getting squash, hell venturing outside of Malaysia seems like a pretty shit idea for the poor  peasant like us. But F it, Gotta dig those coins and with a semi-proper planning you’ll eventually get there.

Welcome to Bangkok

Touchdown Don Mueng, hot and raining , Bazly lost his bag as we were leaving the airport, snap and lost his shit that day, after a few name calling and pointless runs to the actual place where we smoke before everything turns south,got to the lost and found counter, and luckily somebody actually took the bag and give it to the lost and found guys, no damage done, a few stickers missing. Maybe its the Ozzy crew we were smoking with outside, talking shit about the stoned out hippie couple. Thanks guys if you’re reading this. Australia Bagus.

Shit was pouring heavy that night, we took our cab hit the hotel, and went out around the alley, options for food are just lame that night, maybe partly because we’re not on the hotspot for tourism, It’s a college town or something , there’s like 2-3 Unis around here. So shit closed early around this block ,and we’re still trying to get in touch with our hook-up Miyachi and Arina (he flew in 1 day earlier from KL).

Day one started off early with Miyachi-san hustling us down to Hua Mark skatepark, we skated to the bus station, stoping now and then for food and 7Eleven run. I’m going to talk a lot about Thailand 7Eleven, how do you define three to four 7E’s within a 500 meter range ? 7 Eleven is the savior. You can actually eat cheap here, if you’re willing to find those food hawkers, they’re everywhere. Just have to be carefull on what you’re picking into. But then again Thailand 7E is pretty sweet. Fvk street food.

Motivation Logo

Skated the famous Hua Mark for a few hours, it’s an indoor facility located inside the indoor stadium complex, Legit dowh, something like Mont-K but bigger and hotter. The complex was built around 1996 for the 5th Asian Games the skatepark came later after that. If you’re looking for info and shit that you can’t google, come on over to this park, a lot of friendlies faces. Things get sorted easier if you have friends here.

Arina Rahman - F/S 5-O - Xpro2 SkateboardingArina Rahman – F/S 5-O

Arina Rahman Mute

Azreen Nollie Big Heel Azreen Nollie Big Heel

Bazly F/S Flip

Miyachi San – Front grinds

MVP Random Sessh, Pian F/S Wallride

We usually just eat 7Eleven fast food shits you know the microwaveable ones and it’s always around 11am, Brunch, , if you’re looking for Halal foods, the easiest is to get into 7E, if you look closely and calmly enough there’s a lot of Halal products hidden, our fav the CP Halal Beef Burger, you gotta hand it to these guys. With 50/60 bhat you can get by your brunch easily. Sometimes the occasional fried chicken rice, if you happen to found one. Dinner always gotta be Pakapau or seafood fried rice . There’s a lot of Halal shops in Hua Mark area, just ask the locals about Muslim foods, it’s pretty near somewhere around the back entrance of the stadium. We manage to get some nasi campur over there, you’re not getting any top notch curry, but hey any curry is better than no curry. Kandaria!

Skateboarding have a very strong roots here in Thailand, especially Bangkok,  d.i.y scene here are pretty strong, apart from the government funded skateparks, there’s loads of d.i.y spots, you just need to know the right person and at least be in the right district.

Street spots are pretty hard to hit here in Bangkok, it’s pretty far out between each other, it’s either you’re on the other side of the town or it’s a huge kick-out zone. And we’re always to be on the other side of town.

Next trip somebody have to get those map planned out really really good. If Miyachi’s around, we could get things done way faster.

Felem Bowl

Fellem bowl is somewhat like a private bowl, you can’t just go in and barge and skate, there’s a lot of hardwork that been poured into this bowl, still working in progress, the location and whereabouts of this bowl still remain a mystery, at least to me. Since we just follow Miyachi without ever knowing where is what, Bangkok address ain’t no easy thing, can’t kawtim, before you’ll even know it you’ll be a few blocks ahead. Daisuke-san owns the lot, there’s used to be another bowl somewhere, but that got demolished a few years ago. All love d.i.y style 100%, mad respect for the craftsmanship, you gotta see it to believe it.

Daisuke – Smith

Arina Rahman – Smith Comeback

Miyachi – Back Tail Stall

Tyson – Crail

Arina Rahman – Front 5050 the curve

Tyson Killing it

We even got invited to another d.i.y mini-ramp session to this guy’s place, Ridz, somewhere on the outskirts, one of the guys got us a taxi and drove, un-able to understand a word of Thai, and the lack of communication with our guy that night Tyson, we manage to get ourself lost just 2km from the actual place. 10pm and we’re drowning in sweat, Pian had the bright idea saying the address should be behind the raw of stores we’re walking through, and that my friend cause us to go around in circle, (malu bertanya sesat jalan),windless night, wet boxers, hungry and tired everybody were pissed with something, we decided just to roll into the dark alley at the end of the street, out of nowhere a guy came with  a scooter said “You with Tyson ?? “ and just like that we’re saved, sorted, good times. It’s too fucking weird, and the fucking dogs hate you when you roll.

Whats the day today ?
Getting to 7E as always been a mission, food cigarettes and drinking water. Lepak chill at the famous Roti Skateshop, a skate shop run by Chai just behind Hua Mark skatepark, Chai set us up with a ride to this spot, some where around this housing area (macam rumah taman) . And there’s this small patch of concrete beside a field, with shitloads of people, it’s like a Sunday gathering, beer, soccer bets and stall. A quarter of it on the d.i.y spot, Chai and his crew cleared the spot, ini baru local.Damn Chai, lu power.

Arina Rahman – Boneless

Bazly Front five-os

Azreen – Back Tail

Chai Latte – BackLip

Pian – Nosegrind

Arina – I have no idea what kinda of plant this is, texas ?

Pink Park

Some how we managed to get to Pink Park, it rains again, I’ve stepped on cat shit, fucking hungry and I fucking hate my shoulder. It’s under a bridge kinda setup, damn son how did they got this ? everything seems to be legit or semi funded by the gomen. We need to get these politicians and campaign makers back to Putrajaya.

Azreen – Nollie Big Heel 360 ?

Bazly – F/S flip

Arina – Wallride ke langit

Pian – Noselide

Chai Latte – Kickflip

Azreen – Nollie Heel Krooks

Pattaya Bahaya

Can’t remember who came out with the idea, but it’s either Reggie’s or Bazly or me, and Chai from Rotie Boardshop manage to hook us up with Kanong crew over there. And just like that we leave Bangkok and just took a bus to Pattaya, none of us ever went to Pattaya anyways, ftw!

The plan is to get shit sorted out with the hotels and go skate or something, Daniel from Kanong drop by with his truck and manage to drag our dirty asses back to his skateshop D88 ,  rad-habis, yeah how often would you go and pickup strangers with an excuse that they skate just like you. Thanks D-Man. Got to the hotel and just went to the d.i.y spot under the bridge. Here’s another gem, complete d.i.y  by the Kanong crew, shits turn tight over here. You gotta skate fast, seeing the guys from Kanong shredding this place, satu macam vibe.

Daniel – Front Rock

Arina – Front Stall

Thawit – Tail stall

Second day the crew brought us the hidden spot monsun drain that they’ve found and it’s skate-able, hats off to Daniel with his google maps, mad skills. It’s pretty far from the town, with unpaved road, pretty fields you a lot of mines ? fishing ponds ? Real man sits at the back of the truck with shovels and shit. Concussion level 3.


Our time got cut short that day, rain just came in pouring and as soon as we got our asses in the truck and drive away it stop, panas kering. Damn. Somebody upstairs tarak happy with us or some shit, we went into Pattaya town with the crew, hoping to find something to skate. Got to this parking lot under a mall, there’s a bank with shitloads of dirt on it, the guys started shovelling it out, while Azreen trying to get clips on the rails near us, then after a few tries. Kickout, we manage to hold the guard for a few tries then got our asses out of there. Guards have no chill here in pattaya.

Clean out, shit tonnes of dirt.

Azreen – Crooks – major kick out, security got no chill

Arina – Drop in

Thawit – No Comps wallie

Daniel – Wallie selit selit

Azreen 5050s


Bazly – Nose Manny

Azreen – Kickflip back tail bigspin

 The Pian – sw n/slide

If you were to have more time, I’m sure you could get pass 10 spots easily if there weathers good, If you’ve been under a cave lately, try and Watch Kanong Videos . We left a few days before their video primiere, shit should have stayed and just burn.

But then again we’re fucking broke as fvk, better get ourselfs to bangkok again, too far to walk from Pattaya if we ran out of money.

Bangkok Again

Got there on a gloomy evening, its about to rain, the boys are pretty tired after the bus ride, maybe we’re just fucking tired with each of us, a skate trip with a hired van would be great, damn son, fucking dirtbag tour. Well we’ve decided to stay really close to town, we’re planning to get to that monument spot. So we booked a hostel somewhere around Khao San road, yeah loads of drunks. Shit turns nasty over there, prior to an agreement we had with the owner on the first night and refund shit. We decided to leave that joint, got ourself a cheap room instead just a few roll from the main road.

Azreen – Ol

Bazly – Front tail

Azreen – Kickflip f/s crooks

Azreen – Crooks

Sometimes it’s better to run shit through Agoda or fvking things seems to get cheaper compared to dorms if you’re coming with a group.

And we got an invitation for a bbq session at Ridz place, free food frenzy. This time we got the address right though, went there with a friend that owns a car, 6 dude in fucking Prius, minus the driver. Shit get really intimate, fucking wet boxers.

Tyson – Front tail

Anonymous – sorry dude, forgot your name – Texas Plant ?

The last few days were spent on trips to Rama and trying to figure out where and what again, we got some on the ground guide tour from a friend, Mie. And why the fuck we didnt think about this in the first place, Bangkok has this canal boat ferry system still intact and no it’s not some tourist bullshit, people actually use this to get by around Bangkok beside trains and such. We’ve been burning money on trains and cabs should have taken the boats.

The last few day we’re spent lurking around Bangkok, at this point everyone just too damn tired and can’t give a damn anymore. It was fun, fucking best thing we had, getting lost and all the bullshit that came just makes it more funnier. We hope we could do this again in the future, big thanks to the crew who took care of us, Miyachi, Chai Latte , Daniel , The Kanong crew, Ridz, Tyson and the guys from Felem.

I’m running out of phone data for all this post.


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