Clueless Australia

That day I cluelessly went to Australia, the sole purpose ? attending Gode and Megan wedding!

And on that trip, I’ve never thought of blogging about it, damn should have taken notes, way enjoying my self too much over there.  I’m a pretty big mess when it comes to International travel concerning visas and and all these boarding rules. Luckily Australia have the most reliable immigration website there is on the planet, you could get this done easily through the web, a little bit of googling and you’re set. We got that settled in just hours, no fuss of going to the embassy.


One thing that I haven’t realised then was, how far and big Australia is, an eight hour flight and I broke my iPhone the day before the flight, leaving me entertainment-less, plus the leg room in air-asia haven’t help much. It was a full pack flight, a few chats before we flew in the smoking room, have me worried a little bit. Australia have been upping it’s game cracking down on workers overstaying their visa,  coming over there to work as fruit pickers, and a lot of suspects are Malaysian (we’re rank number 2 after vietnamese). Stories goes that they’ll pick random as per visual, and if you got pull over. It’s a matter of luck if you’re entering the country or not. Thats why Megan keep insisting us to show the immigration officer the wedding invitation and such.



Anxiety kick to 110%, after a restless night of sleep, we landed. It’s 15degrees and hustle down the aisle and starting to queue up for the immigration, there’s tonnes of China tourist, cutting queue, and the sound decibel just increase like that. I was still half asleep when my turn came in for the immigration verification, and to my surprise I got in, no hassle, maybe I’m not that dodgy looking after all. We went outside to hit some nicotine into ourself, while waiting for another friend, Steve he’s going to show us around for a while in Melbourne, around 3 hours before our next flight to Townsville (thats going to take another 3 hours). It’s 16degree, the start of winter, our friend insist it’s the best weather the have in weeks, freezing balls it felt like minus 10 to me.

Can’t take it, couldn’t even bothered to take out the camera, it’s the same shitty problem I have when I was in Seoul last time, If anything drops under 20degree I’m a complete useless tool, hands would be in the pocket the whole time, and my brain just going to tick “SEJUK” all the time. Fuck me, and Steve’s bringing us to this meat pie spot on top of a mountain range or something just outside Melbourne. What can I say, that must be the coldest day I have in my life.

When our time was up, we head up to the airport, smoke a few more ciggrates in the parking lot and wave Stevie goodbye, he’ll join us at the end of the week. We went into a smaller aircraft for the domestic flight, jet star. And to my relief, syukran Townsville felt almost like home. Serious fuckingly the temperature are just nice, it’s like in kedah but with less humadity. Fcvk  yeah!

Townsville is a city located on the northern-estern quensland , famous for  it’s dry-tropics climate and of course fishing, located . It’s a mid-tropical side for me thats all I can tell you guys, felt really really layback if you’re comparing it with Melbourne, but hey Melbourne felt really really layback if you compare it with Bangkok.



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We’ve spend a couple of days at the GODE residence, just lazing around doing some random bbq’s and waterfall visits, I can’t remember half the time what I’ve done’d there, maybe it’s the water and herb~quoate haha, and some tour to this magnetic island (I can’t find where i put the photos~worst travel photographer) around 10 days in Townsville for all the wedding gig thing, and It’s my first time also attending and shooting a western style wedding, I gotta tell you guys, I’m pretty impressed. The outgoing nature and I have to say this again, they’re pretty layback! (i’ll post the wedding photos in another post)

Shot the wedding, got some serious good food and we’re off again to Melbourne for a 2 day stay with Megan’s mom somewhere in Richmond on the outskirts, and the best part is the temp just drop 12degree at noon and somewhat below 10 at night. I can’t even take the A/c in the malls and such, fvck.

Apart from the coldness, Melbour is a freakingly great city, everything seems to be super smooth, got into the trams and we just walk the whole way, trying to get lost manage to find a few skate shops, and we went into St.Patrick, what can I say, legit. First church with a modern architecture that I went into. Feels like in a movie set.

St Patrick - Melbourne Australia - Street photographymlb-jalan mlb-hipsterarea mlb-hipsterarea2 mlb-hipsterarea3 australia-melbourne-street photography australia-melbourne-homeless man-street photography

This might be the worst blog post that I’ve ever did, and the worst travel photography that I’ve ever did.

Note to self :

  1. Take note when travelling
  2. Be more organised on photo storage ( fvking lost half of this trip photo)
  3. Be more prepared on seasons and weather

Haha, we’ll start fom this post then.

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