The Day That Sucked.


It was raining, Finish the day job as per other usual day, shut down the mac and went down with my bags and all, It was raining, not that heavy, expected with the changing seasons of monsoon , a tea at the mamak waiting for this rain to shove off seems a really good idea,  a friend of mine working at a another office doing graphic design pop out, we have our tea and decided the rain have has its day. Friday night, and I’m making curry tonight and tomorrow gonna be my skate day.

Fast forward towards the traffic I saw Farid sway to the right, and complete blackout, on the ground spitting up blood, my body felt week, I can tell I’ve break something in my face, I’m spitting collated blood slowly while Farid was mending me, putting his bag behind my head and asking me not to move, I can feel my jaw moving into weird places, blood seems to run freely from my head, something torn apart, trying to figure out what have happen 5 minutes earlier, everything hurts but I’m still in shock. Laying there like a sack of rice.

The ambulance came, then when shits starting to become weird, I’ve felt a very very cold sensation, I was shivering, the lights too bright, my eyes felt glared and my heads fuzzy, when they put me on back, all the blood from my injuries in my mouth, cheekbone seems to come down on my throat, suffocating me. The same feeling when I almost drowned 20 years ago by the river at my home town. I tried to call the paramedics, they’re too busy with my head wound, I felt week still struggling to breath, on my last push, I manage to get my left hand down and grab something under the ambulance bed, and pull myself to the left side raising slightly so i could get the thick blood, tooth out of my mouth. And then I realised, shit I almost drowned in my own blood.

Well that my friend is the one of the main reason why I’ve started this blog, to keep track and do what used to really love to do, travel and taking photos and such! Life is too short to be taken for granted, to be exact this is not my first online profile, I’ve had an another account solely for my job thing, but this blog should be my other side of the world, where I curse and enjoy life to the fullest!

Fast forward a few weeks now, everything seems to come back in place, apart from the weird feeling of having something on your face and bones, and that annoying constant pain. Everything seems good, main concern are just getting back to shape and having good food, and get some travel in me. Eating from a straw are not the fondest memory of mine these days. But like they say, just keep on getting back at it.

Thank You!

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