I’ve been jumping ship countless of times these 2 years and man I’ve tell ya photography aint cheap. And I’m not 100% making money out of photography yet, and this seems pretty dumb act on my part.

To start off my last tool that I was using 4 years ago, where I did some weekly nightclub photography and some travel surf kinda thing that I was hooked on was a mix systems of Nikon and Canon.

For a lot of my clubs photography I mainly really on my Nikon D300 with a fisheye and for the surf water housing , and my Canon 1DMk3 always are with the tele and primes. That gig hold on into a couple of years, and then I sold of my Nikon sets and give bought a Canon 6D to complement my full Canon systems. Then this Fujifilm rumour came out, I love the idea of a small camera, full frame or not, my thoughts are newer tech are more than sufficient to provide me with the look that I want, so I started to mingle with a few of Fujifilm camera ranges, a X100, X10 . I’m still reluctant to 100% convert everything to Fuji, then a after a few waits, I finally own my own Fuji Kit an XT1 + Xe1 and a few lenses, I was quite happy with it, with the all of the good firmware updates the XT1 seems to improved better. But there is still some issues back then.

  •  At the current updates that time , XT1 can’t really do anything above Single shooting mode if you’re trying to use flash functions on it. And thats a real bummer for me since I do a lot of flashing
  • Flash sync only goes to 180th of a second, I don’t have any HSS trigger, so the extra 250th of a second on dslr really does do a lot of difference, I use this settings when ever i’m off shoe strobing for skate photos, or when i just want to kill all the ambience colours.
  • The battery life! damn for my whole kit I’m shooting with 5/6 batteries, and to all of the people who knows me, I’m not that great of keeping track.

Apart from that I really love my Fujifilm kit. I sold my Xe1 and a few lenses got an D3 with a low shutter count keep on shooting, coming back from australia, I’ve cracked my XT1 body and decided to sold every fujifilm kit that I have and hold on to my Nikon set again, I was heartbroken about the batteries and the crack body. A few months from there, me and a bunch of guys decided to go to Bangkok and have a skate trip for ourselves, and man I tell ya, at this time of my life, I really really can’t be bothered about the weight of my camera bags, carrying around KGs of gears just really take their toll.

After all of the madness, I’ve decided to get myself totally dslr-less, I’m back into the mirrorless world now. With all the hype of Xpro 2 and XT2, I opted for the cheapest version there is out there invest back into some good future glasses, got the XT10 with the 18-55 kit lens and ordered the XF 35mm 1.4 that I used to use (waiting for delivery) and with the extra cash paid for some of the items like new SD cards, batteries lens adapter. Who knows, like they say it’s not the camera its the eyes behind it. I hope this gear craze would end one day. I’ve been given an Xpro2 by fujifilm malaysia as a loan for my Bangkok skate trip last time, I’ll talk about it in a later post. Lets see if this Xt10 can handle all the shit I’m going to throw at him. 😛


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